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Gliding with the current, feeling the rush of 'flying' underwater, is what drift diving is all about. Indonesia has some of the strongest currents in the world so this is a great place to master this exhilarating scuba technique.

During your PADI Drift Diver programme, you'll go on 2 open water dives (which may be conducted in one day). We highly recommended that you enrol in this programme to expose yourself to the techniques and procedures for drift diving since many the the oceans larger creatures can be seen more frequently in currents.

Topics covered include:

PADI Drift Diver Specialty Course with Dive The World Indonesia

  • The planning, organisation, problems and hazards of drift diving;
  • Use of specialist equipment - floats, lines, reels;
  • Proper procedures for buoyancy-control, navigation and communication;
  • Site selection and an overview of aquatic currents' causes and effects;
  • Techniques for staying close to a buddy or together as a group.

The elective drift dive from the Adventures In Diving programme may be counted towards this specialty.

You'll use your standard scuba equipment on the course, plus various surface marker buoys, floats, lines and reels. The programme includes a copy of the PADI Drift Diver manual and you will need to watch the related video.

If you're an Open Water Diver and at least 12 years old, you can take the Drift Diver course.

Course Information

Location: Manado - Bunaken - Sulawesi

Boat Dives: 2

Duration: 1 day

Total Price (incl. all taxes): US$ 250 per person

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