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See the underwater world in a whole new light, and bear witness to nature's amazing, endless palette! Most divers find night diving mysterious, yet alluring. At night a site takes on a new aura and new adventure. Darkness lays a veil that you penetrate with your lights as you explore.

The flora and fauna differ at night as underwater life switches to nocturnal behaviour, and nocturnal animals emerge. You may find an octopus, crawling amid a reef, change colour before your eyes and jet away into the blackness. A night dive in Indonesia can be like no place on earth as the range of nocturnal creatures here is second to none. Places with superb macro life like Komodo, Raja Ampat, Lembeh, Bunaken and Bali are particularly excellent places to scuba after sunset.

PADI Night Diver Specialty Course with Dive The World Indonesia

During the course you'll go on 3 open water dives. You'll learn to prepare for night dive activities and develop your knowledge and important techniques for night diving. Topics covered include:

  • Planning, organisation, procedures, problems and hazards of night diving;
  • Proper procedures for water entry, buoyancy control, navigation, egress and communication;
  • Use of scuba lights, buddy-system techniques and hand signals;
  • Disorientation and emergency procedures;
  • Orientation to nocturnal aquatic life.

The elective night dive conducted during the Advanced or Adventure Diver programmes may count toward this specialty.

If you are an Open Water Diver and at least 12 years of age, you can begin the course. The Night Diver manual is included in the programme and you will need to watch the course video too.

Course Information

Location: Manado - Bunaken - Sulawesi

Boat Dives: 3

Duration: 3 days

Total Price (incl. all taxes): US$ 280 per person

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