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PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty Course with Dive The World Indonesia

Knowing where you are - underwater - and where you're going comes in real handy, especially if you're looking for an object or locating that beautiful reef that you heard about. This is an important skill when you are staying at a Indonesian resort which allows unlimited unguided shore dives. If you enjoy rewarding challenges, take this course to be the scuba diver everyone wants to follow.

During your PADI Underwater Navigator programme you'll go on 3 open water dives in Bali or Sulawesi to fine-tune your observation skills, using natural clues, and learn how to use your underwater compass more accurately. You'll familiarise yourself with the skills, knowledge, planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of underwater navigation.

Topics covered in the Underwater Navigator course include:

  • Methods to estimate distance underwater;
  • How to use underwater patterns;
  • Natural and compass navigation techniques;
  • Compass navigation while making at least 5 turns;
  • Site relocation and marking techniques for a submerged object or position;
  • Underwater map making.

You can take this course if you're Open Water qualified and at least 10 years old. You'll get a get a PADI Underwater Navigator Crew-Pak that includes your study manual and video. Besides your standard scuba gear, you'll need a compass and underwater slate.

The elective navigation dive conducted during your Adventures in Diving programme may count toward this specialty.

Course Information

Location: Manado - Bunaken - Sulawesi

Boat Dives: 3

Duration: 1 day

Total Price (incl. all taxes): US$ 280 per person

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