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With hundreds of vendors of diving services in Indonesia there are always “plenty more fish in the sea” when you want to go diving.

But will you land yourself an fairy basslet or a devil scorpionfish? How do you know who’s best? And what exactly does ‘best’ mean anyway?

Dive The World deals with all the major Indonesia and Bali diving operators on a daily basis. By matching your needs with what’s available, we can see to it that your desires will match what you get.

And we don’t need to ‘Bullshark’ you when we tell you what’s on offer – because we already know exactly what’s available, and from whom!

When you read the descriptions on our website you can be sure you’re getting an honest and objective description of the services offered. We compare like with like. We use the same language to describe the same things, in the same format, so you don’t need a dictionary or set of maps to understand.

So how much do we charge for our services? Not a penny more! Our agreements with the Indonesia diving operators ensure that we offer all tours at exactly the same retail price as they do. Only, instead of buying from a single supplier, you can benefit from our experience of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all of them. And in some cases, we can even offer prices that are lower than anyone (just don’t tell our suppliers!).

If you get into a dispute with an Indonesia dive operator then you, as an individual, have very little power to get a fair settlement. However, Dive The World’s suppliers know that if they don’t listen to us then they won’t get any more of our business. And our business is seeing that you get exactly what you want, and expect, without any surprises.

What do we get out of it? Your satisfaction is our investment to see you and your friends tomorrow. See you blowing bubbles!

Sheldon Hey – Dive The World Indonesia – General Manager

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