Manado Diving

Bunaken National Park Dive Sites The Manado area and Bunaken Marine Park are among the diving highlights of Indonesia and have earned plaudits throughout the world. The facts say it all – when you’re scuba diving in Manado you can see over 70% of all fish species that exist in […]

Indonesia Diving

Dive Sites of the Archipelago Forming one corner of the ‘Coral Triangle’, the epicentre of world marine biodiversity, and containing 20% of the world’s coral reefs, it will come as no surprise that it boasts the most diverse waters in the world. What may surprise you is that Indonesia is […]

Bangka Diving Sites

Manado Liveaboards The island of Bangka, with its rolling hills of green fields and forests, and the nearby islands of Gangga and Talise offer over 25 dive sites with fringing reef slopes and pinnacles carpeted in soft corals. The Dive Sites Sahaung on the east coast is a very well thought of […]

Indonesian Diving Resorts

Dive Bali, Raja Ampat and Sulawesi There are many resorts both in Bali and North Sulawesi to suit all budgets, and just a handful in Raja Ampat. Whether you are looking for somewhere simple and inexpensive or prefer to dive from a luxurious accommodation with all the pampering you would […]