Scuba Indonesia Courses

PADI DRIFT DIVER SPECIALTY Gliding with the currents, feeling the rush of flying underwater, is what drift diving on scuba in Indonesia is all about. During your PADI Drift Diver programme, you’ll go on two open water dives (which may be conducted in one day). We highly recommended that you […]

Tauchen Raja Ampat – Tauchplätze

Tauchplätze der West Papua Provinz Während der östliche Teil der Insel Neuguinea vom eigenständigen Staat Papua Neuguinea eingenommen wird, gehört die westliche Hälfte noch immer zum Vielvölkerstaat Indonesien. Im Jahr 2001 kam die indonesische Regierung den Unabhängigkeitsbestrebungen in diesem Landesteil entgegen, indem eine regionale Interessenvertretung eingeführt und der Name des […]

Togean Islands Tourist Information

Hidden Paradise in Tomini Bay Spread over a 90 km stretch in the middle of Tomini Bay, the winding, hilly coastlines and equatorial waters of the Togean Islands cast a magical spell of green, yellow and blue, in all the shades imaginable. Travellers endure the long journey in search of […]

Indonesia Scuba Diving Courses

PADI UNDERWATER NATURALIST SPECIALTY Get to know your Indonesia diving neighbours and start to understand the aquatic realm. Be an ambassador for the preservation of our underwater world!! Your PADI Underwater Naturalist programme will include two open water dives which may be conducted in one day, and will introduce you […]

Scuba Diving Indonesia Courses

PADI RESCUE DIVER How do you take a subject like accident prevention and management and turn it into fun? Call it the PADI Rescue Diver programme! The PADI Rescue Diver programme develops your knowledge and skills so you can effectively perform diver assists and rescues, manage diving accident situations and […]

Sulawesi Diving Destinations

Diving in Manado and Wakatobi … The island of Sulawesi has over 6,000 km of coastline, along which lap pristine warm waters rich in life. The spectacular geography continues offshore, with abyssal trenches and sheer drop-offs near the coast. Strong currents rise from the ocean depths, bringing nutrient-rich water close to shore. […]

Scuba Diving in Bali – Dive Sites

Tulamben Northeast coast of Bali There are many more exciting attractions to diving in Tulamben than just the Liberty Wreck. At the east end of the beach is the famous Bali dive site of Tulamben Wall. The wall drops off to 60 metres, has large barrel sponges, and is characterised by three […]

Sumbawa Scuba Diving Sites

Sangeang Island Sumbawa north coast Located 45 km north east of Bima in east Sumbawa, Sangeang is a quite spectacular small and active volcanic island. You can easily make out the lava ridges running down its rather steep green sides. The dive site of Bubble Reef is rather typical for […]