Indonesia Scuba Diving Courses


Get to know your Indonesia diving neighbours and start to understand the aquatic realm. Be an ambassador for the preservation of our underwater world!!

Your PADI Underwater Naturalist programme will include two open water dives which may be conducted in one day, and will introduce you to different aquatic life and include an overview of responsible human interactions with aquatic life.

Topics covered include:

  • The planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of diving in different aquatic environments
  • Factual information that dispels myths of potentially dangerous aquatic life
  • An overview of basic aquatic life interactions and associations
  • Diving technique used to help preserve bottom dwelling aquatic life and minimise aquatic life disturbance.

The elective Underwater Naturalist dive from the Adventures In Diving programme may count toward the certification requirements for this specialty. Interested in sea life? Then this programme is for you!

Course Information

Location: Manado – Bunaken – Sulawesi

Boat Dives: 2

Duration: 1 day

Total Price (incl. all taxes): US$ 229 per person

Note: US$ 25 of the course fee is donated to the Bunaken National Park

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