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Sardines is always a firm favourite among the Indonesia liveaboard dive sites of Irian Jaya. You won’t find sardines here but the fish that you will find are almost as tightly packed.

Those who have dived here talk with great enthusiasm about the sheer numbers of fascinating fish here. Of course there are great schools of trevallies and tuna in numbers that practically block out the light but you can also be entertained by vast numbers of bumpheaded parrotfish as they charge around and devour the coral.

Irian Jaya diving provides another highlight in the shape of the bizarre looking wobbegongs that lurk underneath table corals. Raja Ampat is one of the very few places outside of Australia that you can see these creatures. These strange looking tassled sharks make for a great photo opportunity as do the pygmy seahorses that you might find clinging to one of the huge gorgonians.

At times the current discourages any notions you may have of lingering in the one spot for that perfect snap, so if you really want these shots you may have to dive here again. Given the site’s quality, it is no surprise that many divers choose to do just that.

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Sardines Reef Basics: Fringing reef
Depth: 7 – 28m
Visibility: 10 – 30m
Currents: Can be strong
Surface Conditions: Calm
Water Temperature: 27 – 30°C
Experience Level: Intermediate
Number of dive sites: 1
Diving Season: All year round
Distance: ~50 km north of Sorong (5 hours), at Kri Island, near Waigeo Island
Access: Indonesia liveaboard scuba diving in Irian Jaya

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