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Dive Sites of West Papua Province

The Raja Ampat in Irian Jaya is not one of the most visited diving areas in the world which is strange since almost everyone who knows anything about the area agrees that there can surely be nowhere better on earth. Boasting the highest marine diversity on the planet, beautiful topside scenery and awesome underwater topography diving Raja Ampat is as close as you can get to underwater heaven.

To stand on the bow of your liveaboard boat as it cuts through the clear water towards verdant islands, inhabited by people whose lives are so different to your own, really creates that frontier diving kind of feeling.

Not many Indonesia liveaboards cover the Raja Ampat scuba diving sites around Irian Jaya making the exploration of this fabulous area even more special. Some of the highlights include the innumerable war wrecks, both ships and planes (with new wrecks being discovered constantly), encounters with dolphins, Misool Island and the simplicity of drifting effortlessly over some of the most pristine and fascinating coral scenes imaginable.

When your small group stops at a site where there are no other divers you will feel like a pioneer slipping into waters that you feel you are the first to dive. Amazing quantities of fish as well as beautiful topside topography and critters in their millions, your memories of Irian Jaya will stay with you forever.

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Diving Season

Raja Ampat diving is superb just about all year round. The term High Season is of little meaning here since there is such an expanse of sea visited by only a few liveaboards that “diver soup” is not really a danger. May to September is light rainy season, and Mid-July to mid-September sees some small surface swells, but not usually serious enough to interfere with your enjoyment.

Reef Basics

Great for: Reef life and health, large animals, small animals, underwater photography, advanced divers
Not so great for: Non-diving activities
Depth: 5 – >40m
Visibility: 10 – 30m
Currents: Can be strong
Surface Conditions: Calm
Water Temperature: 27 – 30°C
Experience Level: Intermediate – advanced
Number of dive sites: Unknown but >200
Distance: ~1,200 km north east of West Timor (60 hours)
Access: Raja Ampat liveaboard cruises from West Timor or Irian Jaya
Recommended length of stay: 10 – 16 days

Dive Sites

More detailed information on Irian Jaya scuba diving sites:

• Cape Kri • Cross Wreck
• Fabiacet • Farondi Island
• Jef Fam Group • Kaleidoscope
• Manta Ridge • Sardines
• Sel Pele Bay


Dive The World Recommendations: Fabiacet, Farondi Island and Manta Ridge.

Other sites that can be visited on a liveaboard cruise through Raja Ampat:

• Alor • Banda Islands


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