Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida

The Best of Bali Islands off the southeast coast of Bali Lying across the Badung Strait from Sanur is Bali’s premiere scuba diving destination – the clear waters of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida islands. With its adjacent deep water trenches, the main attraction at Lembongan Island is the common […]

Raja Ampat Dive Sites

Manta Ridge With a name like ‘Manta Ridge’ you’d really only be expecting to see one creature here, and you’d not be disappointed. Every dive at this popular cleaning station is blessed by the appearance of from 5 up to 30 manta rays. You can see manta rays at several of the […]

Diving in Indonesia Courses

PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER Looking for the ultimate adventure? You found it! PADI’s Adventures In Diving programme fine-tunes your dive skills and allows you to explore all that Indonesia scuba diving has to offer. It’s your dive – go for it! The PADI Adventures In Diving programme offers two […]

Flores Diving by Liveaboard

Dive Sites of Maumere Indonesia Diving in Flores gives you the perfect chance to add new, small fish and aquatic animals to your knowledge base since it is known for its endemic species. Although the combined effects of dynamite fishing and the earthquake and tsunami of 1992 caused damage to […]

Sumbawa Diving

Dive Sites of Moyo, Sangeang, Satonda Sumbawa is a rugged, sprawling land mass with many jutting and twisted peninsulas, forming plenty of protected bays for its islands dotted along the north coast such as Moyo, Sangeang and Satonda. These provide sheltered and varied havens that offer crystal-clear waters, steaming underwater volcanic […]

Bali Scuba Diving Sites

Amed Northeast coast of Bali The east side of the north facing shallow bay of Cemeluk has dense stands of sloping staghorn corals, teeming with cardinalfish. Here you can see striped convict tangs, sailfin tangs and orange-lined triggerfish quite close to the shoreline. Off the slope, you will come to […]

Bali Tauchsafari – Komodo Tauchsafaris

Tauchsafariziele Indonesien Wähle das Ziel Deiner Reise: • Banda Inseln und Ambon • Komodo Island • Irian Jaya – Raja Ampat, Alor und Flores • Sulawesi – Wakatobi, Lembeh Strait oder den Togian Inseln Übersichten von unvergesslichen Tauchsafari Abenteuern. • Hol Dir Deine Übersicht Schaut mal unsern Tauchsafari Fahrplan auf unserer Webseite, der es […]

Komodo i Luoghi d’immersione

Dragoni e Fieri Correnti Isola di Komodo e la riserva del parco nazionale offre ogni tipo di immersione tropicale immaginabile – da calma e colorata alle poco profondo scogliere vive con centinaia di scogliera piene di pesci e invertebrati, dalla acqua profonda e corrente che spazza i monti marittini, muri […]